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TORCS Version 1.3.1-test1 Released

There is a new test release available for download. The source package compiles on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows (vc++ 6.0). There are various files available:

You find the installation instructions for the source package in the README file, a common mistake is to forget "make datainstall". This version does not yet include updated documentation, I will bring it up to date while you are testing this release and include it into the final package. For a detailed changelog hit the Read More link below. Bye, have fun,


If your build fails and you use GCC 4.3 (gcc --version), you need to adopt some include directives in the files which cause an error:

  • Replace #include <new.h> with #include <new>
  • Replace #include <string.h> with #include <string>

Changes since 1.3.0

  • Applied patch for screen resolution change program crash when the path contained spaces (Brian Gavin, Bernhard).
  • Added new car, car2-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Added new car, car3-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • TRB: allow signing in during season, mail tool for admin (Bernhard).
  • Added new car, car5-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Added new car, car4-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Suspension improvement, car does not lift up anymore magically on bumpy surfaces (e.g. in the grass) (Christos, Bernhard).
  • Antirollbars are now functional (Bernhard).
  • Rolling resistance is now correctly working (this fixes as well the "forever stuck in the sand" and the "wheel spinning like mad and car stuck" problems (Bernhard).
  • Fixed XML parsing problem with entities (#1651190, reported by Carsten Milkau) (Bernhard).
  • Code adjustments for VC 2005 (Eric).
  • Added car6-trb1 created by Wolf-Dieter Beelitz and reworked by Bernhard (Wolf-Dieter Beelitz, Bernhard).
  • Car engine sound is now searched in the cars directory first (Eric).
  • Added new car, car7-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted car1-7 performance settings (Bernhard).
  • Improvements for track Ruudskogen by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Improvements for track Street-1 by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Added new track Forza created by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Improvements for track wheel-2 by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Totally reworked track e-track-6 by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Improvements for track dirt-3 by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Improvements for track alpine-1 by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Fuel consumption adjustments on car1-7 (Wolf-Dieter, Andrew, Daniel, Bernhard).
  • Additional cameras on spring track by Wolf-Dieter (Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Reparametrized 360-modena, renamed to car1-trb3 (Bernhard).
  • Removed unmaintained car models (Bernhard).
  • Reparametrized several models (Bernhard).
  • Adopted robots to the new car set (Bernhard).
  • Applied fix for broken race result list from Jean-Philippe Meuret (Jean-Philippe Meuret, Bernhard).
  • Applied human driver patch from Andrew and Christos, added minor corrections (Andrew, Christos, Bernhard).
  • Fixed some gcc 4.2 warnings, not yet all to keep the interface stable (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted various setups for the suspension code changes (Bernhard).
  • Regenerated configure, adopted in files to autoconf changes (Bernhard).
  • Updated vc++ 6.0 project files and bat scripts (Bernhard).
  • Added new track alpine-2 created by Daniel Schellhammer and Andrew (Daniel, Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Reorganized bat scripts according suggestion of Jean-Philippe (Bernhard).
  • Added texture for inferno 9 (Andrew), tita 9 (Miguel Martinez), inferno 3 and 8 (Wolf-Dieter), berniw 7, inferno 7, bt 7, damned 7, olethros 7 (Bernhard), (Andrew, Miguel, Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Created and added lots of textures for trb1 opponents (Bernhard).
  • Updated bat files to deploy textures (Bernhard).
  • Reintroduced Olethros on Windows, adjusted project dependencies and made code compile (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted race modes, take existing cars and tracks (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted preset driver "Player" (Bernhard).
  • Set steer speed to 360 Deg/s on the trb1 cars (Bernhard).
  • Fit background images without distortion, background image aspect ratio is 16:10 (Bernhard).
  • Created new background images (Bernhard).
  • Splash screen scaling without distortion, added smoothing (Bernhard).
  • Added splash screen created by Eckhard M. Jäger (Eckhard, Bernhard).
  • Do not call anymore GfuiIdle for ordinary menus/screens to save power and avoid annoying high frequency noise from graphics hardware (Bernhard).
  • Redone camera placement of alpine-1 (Bernhard).
  • Fixed trackgen not accepting -H option under posix builds (Bernhard).
  • Fixed trackgen not building the elevation 3 map (Bernhard).
  • Equalized author name formatting for tracks (Bernhard).
  • Replaced forza track selection image with a track map (Bernhard).
  • Added new background image and color settings to track alpine-1, created by Eckhard M. Jäger (Eckhard, Bernhard).
  • Fixed wrong texture size constant in openglconfg.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Fixed broken car light rendering, more adjustments will be required (Bernhard).
  • Added new light definitions for trb cars, created by Wolf-Dieter (Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Updated installer for Windows (Bernhard).
  • Fixed empty -L option in configure.in, suggested by Jean-Philippe Meuret (Jean-Philippe Meuret, Bernhard).
  • Reduced number of packages (make packages) (Bernhard).

Posted by berniw Saturday, September 06, 2008 (08:21:33)

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