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Change Log TORCS version 1.3.2 released

TORCS version 1.3.2 is available for download. The most important changes are new content (nicer wheels, menu music, a new car), VS2008 project files, lots of improvements and bug and security fixes, hit Read More to review the full set of changes.

The security fixes are relevant if you download and install content from the internet, otherwise they are not urgent. Nonetheless, I recommend everybody to update anyway.

I would like to thank all the people which contributed to this release, these are Eric, Rudy, Andres, Andrey, Hamid, Paletta, Kim and Jakob. Thank you all very much.

If you are interested in the list with the available packages or the changelog hit the Read More link below. In case you run into trouble have a look into the FAQ, there is as well a section about how you should report a problem. If you like TORCS and think you can write a better AI meet us here.

I hope you will enjoy this release.



Changes since 1.3.2-test2

  • Added wheel texture for car1-ow1 for simple wheel rendering mode (Bernhard).
  • Fixed simuv2 Makefile, parallel builds are now possible in Posix systems (e.g. MAKE="make -j 8" make). Because libsolid is a static library it must be built before simuv2, defined explicit dependency (Bernhard).
  • Fixed missing dependency in VS 2008 solution (human requires client for input handling) (Bernhard).

Changes since 1.3.2-test1

  • Added menu music code (finally!!!) (Bernhard).
  • Composed and added a menu song (Bernhard).
  • Added menu music customization (currently just enable/disable) (Bernhard).
  • Replaced sprintf's with snprintf's in lib (Bernhard).
  • Fixed warnings regarding size_t in printf (Bernhard).
  • Rewrote handleEntities to avoid buffer size problems (Bernhard).
  • Changed handling of indentation when writing XML files to avoid buffer size problems (Bernhard).
  • Ported sound/sprintf changes to Windows version (Bernhard).
  • Report #3405193, added torcs.desktop file provided by Jakob Matthes (Jakob, Bernhard).
  • Report #3089384, applied/tested patch for CVE-2010-3384, reported/provided by Rudy Godoy (Rudy, Bernhard).
  • Report #2887013, applied/tested patch reported by paletta (paletta, Bernhard).
  • Report #2784518, applied/tested, provided by Hamid Homatash (Hamid, Bernhard).
  • Fixed possible buffer overflow reported by Andres Gomez (Andres, Bernhard).
  • Fixed libpng deprication warnings (Bernhard).
  • Updated windows libraries: libpng 1.5.7, zlib 1.2.5, plib 1.8.5 (Bernhard).
  • Switched Windows VS 6 build to link with the multithreaded crt (Bernhard).
  • Added libraries for VS2008 build (Bernhard).
  • Developed/added VS 2008 project files (Bernhard).
  • Applied patch for OpenSolaris 2009.06, created by Andrey Sokolov (Andrey, Bernhard).
  • Fixed various gcc compiler warnings (Bernhard).
  • Consider deadzone for analogue axis, e.g. wheels, joysticks, gamepads (Bernhard).
  • Fixed center calibration for steer axis (Bernhard).
  • Use plibjs instead of internal header (Bernhard).
  • Adopted available axis for controllers (Bernhard).
  • Just update view once per 2 seconds simulation time (in blind mode) to avoid slowdown with graphics cards which are bad in buffer switching (e.g. ATI fglrx driver on Linux), this speeds up blind practice sessions as well a lot on other graphics cards (Bernhard).

Changes since 1.3.1

  • Fixed remaining const char* gcc 4.3 warnings (Bernhard).
  • Just load ssggraph once to avoid weird crashes when going back to the options menu and coming back to the race (just Linux was affected, the Windows version does not work the same way regarding this) (Bernhard).
  • Applied corrections suggested by Kim Oldfield to the robot tutorial (Kim, Bernhard).
  • Adopted TRB result submission for 1.3.1 (Bernhard).
  • Adopted TRB result submission for new PHP DOM version (Bernhard).
  • Fixed minor TRB bug which showed/labeled links to signin/remove teams during the race phase (Bernhard).
  • Replaced hardcoded upload limit in TRB with configuration parameter (Bernhard).
  • Bumped TRB version number to 0.0.2 (Bernhard).
  • Commited TRB creation of indices (Bernhard).
  • Adjustments to car3-trb1 to make it more competitive (Bernhard).
  • Added new car8-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Reduce front car advantage in slipstreaming scenarios (Bernhard).
  • Ground effect drop off more dramatic when airflow comes sideways, no ground effect anymore when driving reverse (Bernhard).
  • Increased Cd (drag coefficient) for car1-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Improved efficiency of pit wall collision detection (Bernhard).
  • Applied Erics explicit wheel model code with some modifications: in the cars "Graphic Objects" section you can define "3d wheel directory" (e.g. "mywheel-1") and "3d wheel basename" (e.g. "mywheel"), then TORCS tries to load "wheels/mywheel-1/mywheel?.acc", where ? is 0..3 for different rotation rates. Later we could also move the wheel only specific simulation properties into an xml belonging to the wheel (Eric, Bernhard).
  • Do not try to load wheels when configuration is missing (Bernhard).
  • Added Erics wheels for sc-f1 with modified texture/configuration (Eric, Bernhard).
  • Fixed wrong scaling of steering input display (Bernhard).
  • Created new car category for trb1, moved initially trb1 cars into it (Bernhard).
  • Improved moment calculations for aerodynamic forces (Bernhard).
  • Default setup adjustments for trb1 cars (Bernhard).
  • Created new trb3 category, assigned car1-trb3 to it (Bernhard).
  • Created new category ow1, moved sc-f* to car1-ow1 (Bernhard).
  • Adopted Windows port to changes (car categories, wheels, etc.) (Bernhard).
  • Bumped version to 1.3.2-test1 (Bernhard).
  • Created 6 new wheels trb1-1 to trb1-6 (Bernhard).
  • Adopted new wheels to trb1/3 cars (Bernhard).
  • Added graphic option to switch off/on detailed wheels, they seem to use quite some performance (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted graphics defaults to higher levels (FOV, skidmarks) (Bernhard).

Posted by berniwadm Sunday, January 08, 2012 (21:25:34)

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