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Change Log TORCS version 1.3.4 released

TORCS version 1.3.4 is available for download. The most important changes are reworked tracks (e-track-3, wheel-1 and dirt-2 totally reworked, check those out, loads of new textures) and toolchain improvements (many fixes and ability to create racelines). Additionally many tracks got improvements, new racing rules have been added, timewarp mode goes now up to 128 times real time, running TORCS under Valgrind is directly supported and many little things have been fixed/improved. Hit Read More below to review the full set of changes.

Although it is called 1.3.4 it is a big release, so if you like TORCS you should get it (the version just denotes internal module compatibility). Thanks to the people which helped with bug reports/patches, these are Paletta, Dan Nace and Greg Duncan. Thanks to Steven Skiena for the permission to include stripe into the Windows installer.

If you are interested in the list with the available packages or the changelog hit the Read More link below. In case you run into trouble have a look into the FAQ, there is as well a section about how you should report a problem. If you like TORCS and think you can write a better AI meet us here.

I hope you will enjoy this release.


Update: Screenshots updated.

Full Packages

Changes since 1.3.4-test2

  • Fixed illegal file open mode for VS 2008 runtime in trackgen (Bernhard).
  • Refactored macros in trackgen to functions to be able to debug properly and to form the base for code/feature improvement (Bernhard).
  • Run track/elevation/object.cpp of trackgen through astyle (Bernhard).
  • Fixed error in trackgen which generated wrong faces inside of the pit building (Bernhard).
  • Fixed error in trackgen which caused wrong normals on "pit caps" (the beginning/end of the building) if the pit is on the right side of the track (left was ok) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed another error in trackgen to correct normals of the pit building (Bernhard).
  • Track side fences are now generated by trackgen with two surfaces, such that lighting is correct (Bernhard).
  • Changed trackgen to emit track and terrain as single sided surfaces (type 0x10 instead of 0x30), that is why I had to fix all the above anomalies, the resulting back-face culling will help a bit with performance, proper rendering and z-buffer-racing (Bernhard).
  • Fixed a crash bug in trackgen, related with terrain generation (Bernhard).
  • Fixed a bug in texture handling in trackgen which caused texture misplacement and spawning of new groups (Bernhard).
  • Trackgen does not anymore turn one sided objects into two sided ones (Bernhard).
  • Fixed a bug in trackgen which caused a "hole" in the wall right after the pit under some special conditions (see e.g. g-track-1) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed potential sscanf overflow in accc (Bernhard).
  • Fixed a crash bug for accc on Linux, strdup(0) gives segfault (specified behaviour, but it worked on Windows), now building alpine-2 from ac files works as well on Linux (Bernhard).
  • Removed unused 3D Studio Max loader code from accc (Bernhard).
  • Fixed forza.ac texture names and broken objects, as preparation for fixing the shadow map (Bernhard).
  • Trackgen can now generate a raceline model, which can then be combined with accc.
  • Define the attstr name="raceline name" for your main track surfaces, then run e.g. trackgen -c road -n spring -r ("-r" for raceline), the review/edit the raceline file, then combine it with accc (Bernhard).
  • Added some control parameters for raceline generation: attnum "raceline ext", "raceline int" and "raceline widthscale" (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to g-track-1 and michigan (Bernhard).
  • Fixed various z-fighting (broken 3d model) on Brondehach track (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to ruudskogen (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted lighting of corkscrew and brondehach (Bernhard).
  • Did workflow related fixes on alpine-1, added raceline (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to ole-road-1, removed generated/outdated files (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to street-1 (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to spring (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to g-track-3, minor adjustments (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to g-track-2, minor adjustments (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to aalborg (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to e-track-4 (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to eroad (Bernhard).
  • accc does not stop anymore on unknown verb with +shad (Bernhard).
  • Added raceline to e-track-1 (Bernhard).
  • Fixed potential null pointer dereferencing in accc (Bernhard).
  • accc does not anymore truncate object names (could cause visual errors when combining multiple ac's to acc with long object names) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed reordering of vertices in accc (Bernhard).
  • Created new shadow map for forza, fixed missing shadow on cars (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted forza for applying raceline, added raceline (Bernhard).
  • Fixed holes and z-fighting in forza (Bernhard).
  • Fixed graph hierarchy of brondehach and added raceline (Bernhard).
  • Fixed surface types in brondehach (SURF 0x0 to 0x10, on 0X0 is transformed to 0x24 by accc, so accc takes double sided surfaces and hence some z-fighting might happen then. Do not use flat shaded surfaces in TORCS, they are not supported) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed frame rate dependency of flying cam (Bernhard).
  • Changed texture orientation on the right side of the track in trackgen, beware, this has implications when regenerating existing tracks and "seamlessness" (e.g. g-track-1 right side) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed wrong state comparison in trackgen (could generate missing/broken/misplaced end caps on walls or curbs) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed curbs with height 0 generating non planar surfaces in trackgen (Bernhard).
  • Fixed ssggraph exiting on unknown verbs, now just a warning is emitted (Bernhard).
  • Fixed more ulSetError string passing (Bernhard).
  • Totally reworked e-track-3 track (Bernhard).
  • Fixed wrong meshing in trackgen when border changes but side surface stays the same (Bernhard).
  • Fixed bug regarding new "barrier hit rule" introduced in 1.3.4-test1 (when sound was switched off the priv.collision is not cleared, rules use now new priv.simcollision) (Bernhard).
  • Totally reworked Wheel 1 track (Bernhard).
  • Made simuv3 compile with gcc 4.6, does not matter because not part of build (Bernhard).
  • Applied build fix for VS2010 suggested by Greg Duncan (Greg, Bernhard).
  • Added math.h includes in TORCS math headers for gcc 4.7 (Bernhard).
  • Totally reworked Dirt-2 track (Bernhard).
  • Added stripe.exe to the Windows installer with permission from Steven Skiena (Bernhard).
  • Updated installer and Windows readme, added links to TORCS menu (online trackgen, youtube videos) (Bernhard).
  • Added driver camera definition for car2/6/7-trb1 (Bernhard).

Changes since 1.3.4-test1

  • Added search facility to TRB (Bernhard).
  • Added hall of fame to TRB (Bernhard).
  • Added command line option to run under valgrind (-g) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed tiny memory leak (module info was not released) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed tiny memory leak (carname for results not released) (Bernhard).
  • Adopted human.cpp to work with mem leak fixes (because of releasing memory now human.cpp would crash) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed various small memory leaks in solid, just significant for tracks with pit walls (Bernhard).
  • Added command line option "-k" (keep) to suppress the execution of dlclose (useful for Valgrind runs to get symbol information instead of ??) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed uninitialized variable in sound code (Bernhard).
  • Fixed a bug in ModFreeInfoList, was not significant, because the function has never been used so far (Bernhard).
  • Fixed small memory leaks in driverselect (Bernhard).
  • Fixed small memory leak regarding directory.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Fixed small memory leak in trackselect.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Fixed many memory leaks in ssggraph (Bernhard).
  • Fixed remaining tiny memory leaks regarding GfTime2Str (Bernhard).
  • Disabled some xml caching to reduce memory footprint (Bernhard).
  • Fixed more remaining leaked handles (Bernhard).

Changes since 1.3.3

  • Fixed wrong map rendering when window was scaled/not fully filled, reported by racer14 (Dan Nace) on the TRB (Dan, Bernhard).
  • Fixed a label positioning problem when extra long strings are drawn into the same label in every timestep (Bernhard).
  • Added rule: If the car touches a wall during a best lap, is not counted any more as fastest lap (to avoid using walls on alpine-2 etc. for qualifying times), inspired by this discussion (Bernhard).
  • Added rule: When cutting a corner during a best lap, the lap is not counted anymore as fastest lap. Cutting a corner is if the center of gravity is 0.7*carwidth outside of the main track segment in the turn inside, so on straights or on the turn outside you can still leave the track, pit entries and exits count as well as track (Bernhard).
  • Restricted new rules to practice and qualifying (Bernhard).
  • Timewarp goes now up to 128x real time, to keep the GUI responsive at least on every 2000th timestep a frame is rendered, it does not accumulate time anymore, so the slowdown commands are more responsive (Bernhard).
  • Fixed ordering issue when two drivers have the same qualifying time, the first runner should now be always on top (Bernhard).
  • Added a tad more damage when scratching parallel to the wall (Bernhard).
  • Applied OpenAL linkage patch provided by Paletta, see #3517253 (Paletta, Bernhard).
  • Got rid of more gcc 4.6 warnings, just 2 left (Bernhard).

Posted by berniwadm Friday, October 19, 2012 (18:20:05)

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