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Change Log TORCS version 1.3.6 released

TORCS version 1.3.6 is available for download. First I would like to thank the contributors which helped with patches, bug reports and feedback, these are Wolf-Dieter Beelitz, David Savinkoff and Rick. Thank you all very much.

The most important changes in version 1.3.6 are new racing rules, new race manager configuration options (e.g. a fuel consumption factor from 0 to 5), better handling of penalties, more input device adjustments in the player options GUI, historic car setup adjustments based on real world data, and as usual bug fixes and code cleanups. To learn more about the new configuration options hit read more to review the full set of changes.

Enjoy, Bernhard

Full Packages

Changes since 1.3.5

  • Added citation guideline to FAQ and README, proposed by Christos (Christos, Bernhard).
  • Fixed null pointer dereferencing in blind mode, grsound.cpp, bug introduced in 1.3.5 (Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Introduced _penaltyTime to transform late penalties into time penalties and to add time penalties for corner cutting etc. (Bernhard).
  • During repair pit stops accumulated penalty time is added to pit stop and then cleared (Bernhard).
  • Stop&Go and drive-through penalties pending at the end of the race are now transformed into a time penalty, see comment in raceresults.cpp, ReApplyRaceTimePenalties (Bernhard).
  • Free memory of pending penalties after the race (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted bellcrank and Suspension Course min/max values for trb1 category and cars (Bernhard).
  • Updated Doxygen configuration, headers and footers (Bernhard).
  • GfTime2Str operates now over the stack, no heap anymore (less error prone, performance) (Bernhard).
  • Reviewed cppcheck warnings (Bernhard).
  • Changed wheels shininess to 1 (from 128) to fix some ugly rendering seen on some videos, not reproducible here (Bernhard).
  • Fixed a problem regarding SimReConfig spring adjustments discovered by Wolf-Dieter (spring values were inverted for special case when parameter was not adjustable, min == max) (Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Added absolute value of speed vector, accessible in tCarElt->pub.speed, use it in aero.cpp, grsmoke.cpp, grskidmarks.cpp, CarSoundData.cpp and human.cpp (David, Bernhard).
  • Improved display of track maps in track select menu, aspect ratio (Bernhard).
  • Recreated most track maps for consistent look of track selection menu (Bernhard).
  • Improved/cleaned up reading of player preferences, controller setup (Bernhard).
  • Fixed GCC 4.7 compiler warning in controlconfig.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Added several configuration fields to controller setup GUI (Bernhard).
  • Fixed automatic clutch for human driver not working out of the box under some conditions (Bernhard).
  • Remaining penalty time by the end of the race is recorded in the race results and added to the race total time (Bernhard).
  • Added column for penalty time to race result screen (Bernhard).
  • During stop&go stops accumulated penalty time is added to pit stop time and then cleared (Bernhard).
  • Implemented corner cutting penalty for races, the penalty is currently calculated as speed*timestep*deviation/minlegalradius, see raceengine.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Best lap time committing is in races now handled like in qualifying and practice, so if you cut corners or hit walls the lap cannot be a best lap (Bernhard).
  • Penalty time is displayed in top left panels (Bernhard).
  • Applied Wolf-Dieters suggestion for VS Express regarding Icon/.rc (Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Removed custom starting grid for e-track-2 (Bernhard).
  • Added e-track-2 to championship (Bernhard).
  • Adopted berniw/berniw2 default setup's to new trb1 boundaries (Bernhard).
  • Removed obsolete wheel parameter "rolling resistance" (Bernhard).
  • Opened up the range of the "dynamic friction" tire parameter for some categories, to enable a larger grip drop-off with large slip (Bernhard).
  • Car xml changes (real world data, suspension, ...) in kc-grifo, kc-giulietta, kc-ghibli, kc-dino, kc-dbs, kc-db4z, kc-daytona, kc-corvette-ttop, kc-conrero, kc-conero, kc-coda, kc-cobra, kc-bigh, kc-alfatz2, kc-5300gt, kc-2000gt (Bernhard).
  • Updated manual page torcs.6, added command line options (Bernhard).
  • Removed some unused defines from raceman.h and associated entries in raceman configuration XML's (Bernhard).
  • Fixed a problem in simuv2 regarding off centered cars (Bernhard).
  • Added configuration of wall hit and corner cutting rules, by default all are enabled, see practice.xml for the options (Bernhard).
  • Added fuel consumption and damage factor configuration to race manager, so it is now possible to set up racing with no damage/no fuel consumption (0.0) or up to 5 times damage/fuel consumption for more pit action, see practice.xml for the options (Bernhard).
  • Changed version to 1.3.6 (Bernhard).
  • Added pit stop time configuration options for race sections in racemanager xml, see raceman.h and racemain.cpp, ReInitRules. Refuel fuel flow, repair time factor, pit base time and pit speed limit can be changed, inspired by Rick (Rick, Bernhard).
  • Smoothed lighting on some parts of car6-trb1 (Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Fixed missing "spring" track map on track selection screen under Windows (Bernhard).
  • Installers/packaging, released as 1.3.6 (Bernhard).

Posted by berniwadm Thursday, April 24, 2014 (17:35:14)

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