Published video of the upcoming tire temperature and wear model in action
Thursday, February 16, 2017 (22:19:08)

Posted by berniwadm

Today I have published a video featuring the upcoming tire temperature and wear model, you can watch it here. At the beginning you can see my car set up and controller settings, if you are curious.

The goal was the verification of the distance to wear down 2 tires completely, and to observe the progression of handling, temperature, wear and laptimes. My goal was to have these tires to last around 200-250km, it was a point landing with a covered distance of 199km (55 laps and a few hundred meters).

The best lap was lap 24 with a laptime of 1:12:37, in pro mode, as a little challenge you can post videos of your best pro mode lap there;-)

Enjoy, Bernhard

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