TORCS version 1.3.8-test1 released, getting ready for the 2017 championship
Saturday, March 04, 2017 (10:11:57)

Posted by berniwadm

TORCS version 1.3.8-test1 is available for download. The reason for this test release is the upcoming 2017 championship, I will set this up soon. We are always looking for more competitors, so just have a look at it.

The most important changes are improvements in the simulation code for extreme banking and slopes, the addition of a tire wear/temperature model, improved z collision response (matters for jumps), a brand new track and various little adjustments. The TRB can now automatically generate the racemanager configuration file, and adds random number seeds for later use.

The version is denoted as a test version, because there is some more work to do for the final release, especially the tire wear/temperature model must be parametrized for the cars. Currently the trb1 cars are working great.

The tire wear/temperature model gets accessible if you race in pro mode, have a look at this video.


Enjoy, Bernhard.

Changes since 1.3.7

  • Added isnan check in collision response calculation (type and dimension transformation could potentially lead to a normal with length 0) (Wolf-Dieter, Daniel, Bernhard).
  • Z collisions reworked (car-road) (Bernhard).
  • Improved wheel position calculation (Bernhard).
  • Improved rideheight calculation (Bernhard).
  • Fixed tiny graphical position offset when rendering car on strong banking (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted parameters and shadow of car1-ow1 (Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Implemented caster, adjustable via setup structure and screen (Bernhard).
  • Suspension slow/fast threshold is now adjustable (Bernhard).
  • Changed 2.5D calculations to 3D (Bernhard).
  • Fixed calculation of the angle of attack for spoilers (Bernhard).
  • Added initial tire temperature/wear model (Bernhard).
  • Made tire temperature/wear model data available for robots (Bernhard).
  • Added tire temperature/wear temperature model data to dashboard (Bernhard).
  • Added tire temperature/wear configuration parameter, "tire factor", see practice.xml as example. If the factor is 0, the temperature/wear model gets disabled (Bernhard).
  • Just enable tire temperature/wear in pro mode (Bernhard).
  • Added new track created by Andrew Sumner, Hidden Valley (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Added field to tPitCmd struct to control tire change (Bernhard).
  • Updated pit stop screen to change tires or leave it on (Bernhard).
  • Performance adjustment for car6-trb1, should now be more competitive (Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Tire change time can now be configured as parameter "all tires change time", the default is 16 seconds (Bernhard).
  • Added track internal name field to TRB for XML generation (Bernhard).
  • TRB adoptions, selecting driver optionally by name (previously only by index), added configuration option for "skill level default" in the "Drivers" section (Bernhard).
  • Added race configuration generator for TRB (Bernhard).
  • Integrated race configuration generator into TRB race submission page (Bernhard).
  • Updated Windows installer for 1.3.8-test1 (Bernhard).

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