Berniw's Robot Tutorial is Now Completed
Saturday, August 02, 2003 (00:10:26)

Posted by torcs

The robot tutorial written by Bernhard Wymann is now completed.
It covers everything you need to write a real good robot for TORCS.

The topics cover all the robot development from the base file creation, the compilation process, the car control with steering, throttle and brake, how to compute a good path, playing with car setup, car painting, collision avoiding and overtaking, and pit stops. To be short: all you need is here.

The tutorial is available on Berniw's home page.

I hope that this will motivate you to write your own robot, and enter future competition.

Note for the future (and current) robot authors: please release your robot, even if it does't go very fast, even if most of the code is derived from another robot or from the tutorial.

Thank you very much Bernhard for all your efforts, help and enthusiasm.


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