Some news
Tuesday, October 21, 2003 (13:30:11)

Posted by torcs

Some news about the project:

I'm preparing a 1.2.2 version with nice features like in-game map (by Berniw), head and brake lights, shadows on cars and beter 3D objects structure for performance (by Christophe), split-screen, mirrors, windows transparency on the Patwo's rally cars and new car packs from K/Cendra (see the link in the side block).

I also went last week-end to an event where the LUG of Savoie ( was showing a coupling between a Peugeot 406 board and a Linux-PC. TORCS was used to demonstrate the coupling. click on "read more..." to see the pictures.


Coupling of a Peugeot 406 board with TORCS, done by Eric Tycapen (thanks very much Eric, it was very nice) The speed and engine RPM were displayed accurately, and the damages were displayed with the temperature gauge.

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