The TORCS Racing Board is online.
Thursday, November 18, 2004 (16:09:55)

Posted by berniwadm

Bored? Looking for a challenge? Your robot is cool? Talked enough, prove it! Join the real competition. Action. Thrill. Drama. It's racing time.

The TORCS Racing Board (TRB) is a platform (web application) to organize and perform racing championships for computer controlled car drivers (robots) in The Open Racing Car Simulator. The goal is to form a TORCS racing community and to have fun. To avoid misunderstandings, this is not the long awaited realtime online racing.

For every race the competitors upload their robots to the TRB during the robot upload phase. In the racing phase all competitors willing to run the race download the robots and run the race locally on their machines and submit then the result to the TRB. After the racing phase the TRB will compute the championship standings.

For more details visit The TORCS Racing Board.

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