Unofficial TORCS test release 1.2.3-bw-unofficial-test4
Wednesday, January 19, 2005 (16:55:20)

Posted by berniwadm

The TORCS test release "1.2.3-bw-unofficial-test4" is available for download. The major changes against test2 are that it compiles now on Windows and the smaller size, have a look at the changelog for details. For the Windows users there is a binary available. Be aware that some included artwork has non free (in the GPL sense) licenses, you will find a "readme.txt" in those directories. The rest is either licenced under the GPL or the Free Art license. For those who have downloaded an earlier test release there is a diff available.

It would be nice if people could retest bugs and try out different combinations of libraries (FreeGLUT, GLUT) and configure switches. Interesting would be as well if TORCS now compiles and runs on 64 bit platforms (AMD64) and still works on PPC. Bye, have fun,


Changes since 1.2.3-bw-unofficial-test3
- Removed ssggraph_old dir (Bernhard).
- Preselect valid drivers for practice, non championship race, endurance race, etc (Bernhard).
- Removed olethos and grsound printf's (Bernhard).
- Sorted out currently unneeded textures (Bernhard).
- Removed corvette for now (would need major rework) (Bernhard).
- Changed suspension and weight distribution settings of p406 (Bernhard).
- Fixed some "first time uninitialized values" for Inferno 2-10 (Bernhard).
- Sorted out unneeded sounds (Bernhard).

Changes since 1.2.3-bw-unofficial-test2
- Disabled outdated code in collision.cpp (Bernhard).
- Replaced glCopyTexImage2D with glCopyTexSubImage2D for mirror cam (Bernhard).
- Fixed broken env map animation (Bernhard, report by Eric).
- Make sure that resolutions are available for windowed mode (Bernhard).
- Set default optimization back to O2 (Bernhard).
- Updated plib for Windows build to 1.8.3, single threaded, i686 (Bernhard).
- Fixed all warnings (W2) for Windows build (Bernhard).
- Update Windows project files and batch scripts (Bernhard).
- Bugfix in berniw's (pathfinder.cpp) (Bernhard).
- Fixed broken P406 counters and F1 camera (report by Speedychonchon, Bernhard).
- Various fixes in tools (Bernhard).
- Converted all SGI files to RLE compressed SGI files to save disk space (~90MB, Bernhard).
- Reduced the resolution of a few textures (Bernhard).

Changes since 1.2.3-bw-unofficial-test1
- Reintroduced gear switching flames (Bernhard).
- Fix/Retest track selection crash (Bernhard).
- Hunting lost open filehandles (Bernhard, done, all I have found so far and are caused by TORCS).
- Updated open wheel car (SpeedyChonChon, Bernhard).
- Fixed championship saving bug (Bernhard, SF report by Eugen).
- Fixed mouse-scrolling crash (Bernhard, SF report by Frieder).
- Collision (wall of death), not perfect, but good enough for now (Bernhard).
- Timelimit in qualification (Bernhard, for robots only).
- Remove too slow cars from races (Bernhard, for robots only).

Changes since 1.2.2
- Better sound (Christos).
- New track (Christos).
- New smoke (Christos).
- New and updated robots (Christos, Bernhard).
- New open wheel car (SpeedyChonChon).
- Lots of bugfixes (Eric, Bernhard).
- Option to disable sound (Bernhard).
- Optional "compatibility" video init for broken GLUT/GLX/OpenGL drivers (Bernhard).
- ...

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