Test Release 1.2.4-test2 is Available (Release Candidate)
Sunday, August 07, 2005 (01:39:00)

Posted by berniwadm

There is a new test release available for download. If you find no major show-stoppers in it it will become 1.2.4 in a few weeks. The source package compiles on Linux and Windows (vc++ 6.0), it is now as well possible to build a running debug version in Windows. There are various files available:

You find the installation instructions for the source package in the README file, a common mistake is to forget "make datainstall".

For optimal sound quality you need a modified version of OpenAL (we hope to bring the changes into OpenAL itself, but this will take time). There is as well an updated FAQ in the doc directory of the package in case you run into trouble. For a detailed changelog hit the Read More link below.

Finally some off-topic project related news. SpeedyChonChon has organized a hot-lapping contest and created an additional track. Christos put up some screen-shots on his site and created as well some very demanding tracks. Charalampos track editor project makes good progress as well, check it out. The TORCS Endurance World Championship 2005 is progressing, if you are interested have a look at the results. Bye, have fun,


The menu entry of the track editor in Windows has the current working directory set wrong, to work around the problem you can fix the path in the property tab of the entry (remove the path bits behind the TORCS installation directory) or start the trackeditor.bat directly from the TORCS installation directory.

Update 2
With some sound cards under Windows it can happen that TORCS exits without any error message. The reason is a bug in TORCS regarding the OpenAL sound implementation, you can for now either reduce the number of cars per race or switch to the plib backend in the sound menu.

Update 3
The above problems are fixed, I plan to pull another test release on the 18. August (if not some more terrible bugs pop up). There is some new game content which will not make it into 1.2.4 (but you will see it in the next release after 1.2.4), Eric has created a new car class and Andrew Sumner created a new track and reworked some cars.

Changes since 1.2.4-test1

  • Fixed problem with GL headers differences in Linux (Bernhard).
  • Car sound adjustments and new samples (Christos).
  • Moved learning and math headers in subdirectories to stop the upcoming chaos, updated dependent files (Bernhard).
  • Updated Windows project preparation bat files (Bernhard).
  • Ported the project to Windows, except olethros and learning (Bernhard).
  • Fixed resident texture problem in Windows (Bernhard).
  • Updated gl headers for Windows, oss.sgi.com (Bernhard).
  • Resolved some OpenAL compatibility issues (Bernhard).
  • Fixed XSLT problem in Windows, was a combination of wrong dtd filename, missing GetLocalDir and GetDataDir setup (Bernhard).
  • Fixed weird bug in screen.cpp, execlp had wrong arguments (Bernhard).
  • Make gcc 4.0.1 compile the code (Bernhard).
  • Removed unused code in various places (Bernhard).
  • Fixed virtual constructor in olethros (Bernhard).
  • Removed volume setting from sound menu (Bernhard).
  • Ported learning to Windows (Bernhard).
  • Ported olethros to Windows (Bernhard).
  • Windows version result generation now correct (Bernhard).
  • Added GfCreateDir in tgf (Christos, Bernhard).
  • Fixed olethros clkdtm texture (Christos).
  • Changed some code according to mail of Steven Gutknecht (Steven Gutknecht, Bernhard).
  • Kicked out SmartAssert.h (Bernhard).
  • Fixed various memory leaks in Olethros (Bernhard).
  • Fixed crash bug in Olethros (the proposed singleton does not work, reverted to working version) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed a possible crash bug in gui.cpp, added deactivation of glutKeyboardUpFunc and glutSpecialUpFunc in GfuiScreenDeactivate (Bernhard).
  • removed make_message and replaced it (Bernhard).
  • Created a debug project for Windows, needed to remove make_message, enhanced custom realloc for debug versions of custom malloc/free, added a workaround for clean allocator/deallocator pair in img.cpp, etc. (Bernhard).
  • Fixed one more olethros bug, linker (in Linux) was confused about which CheckMatchingToken (Bernhard).
  • Tested, build and debug build work with: gcc 3.3.1 (0 warnings), gcc 3.4.3 (0 warnings), gcc 4.0.1 (a lot of warnings, but just in trackgen, otherwise 0 warnings), vc++ 6.0sp6 (release build 0 warnings, debug 131 warnings which one can safely ignore) (Bernhard).
  • Updated Windows installer, checks now for already installed versions, works with 1.2.3 or later (Bernhard). Trackeditor is not yet included.
  • Windows deinstaller does not delete generated files anymore (Bernhard).
  • Integrated trackeditor into Windows installer (Bernhard).

Changes since 1.2.3

  • Reworked eroad (Bernhard).
  • New sounds/sound adjustments (Christos).
  • Introduced additional sound effects for simuv2 (Christos).
  • Reworked cg-nascar-rwd (holes, dark lod, better lighting) (Bernhard).
  • Max Torque as well for simuv2 (Christophe Baegert, Christos).
  • More efficient rear mirror (Felix K?hling, Bernhard).
  • Reworked e-track-1 (Bernhard).
  • Reworked Aalborg track (Bernhard).
  • Reworked g-track-2 (Bernhard).
  • Fixed wheel normals (Bernhard).
  • Bugfixes in menus (Christos).
  • Improvements in simuv2 (Christos, Bernhard)
  • Updated porsche-gt3rs (Olaf Sassnick, Bernhard).
  • Fixed weird (new introduced, post 1.2.3, car.cpp) bug in simuv2 (Bernhard).
  • Applied patches from Debian maintainer (Rudy Godoy, Bernhard).
  • Skidmarks code cleanup and improvment, backface culling (Christos, Bernhard).
  • Applied more patches from Debian for AMD64 (Rudy Godoy, Bernhard).
  • Smoke code cleanup and improvment (Christos, Bernhard).
  • grey-tracks.rgb downsized (Bernhard).
  • Updated clkdtm (Eliam Speedychonchon, Bernhard).
  • Fixed fence transparency of g-track-3 and spring (Bernhard).
  • Visualize clutch command value (Bernhard).
  • Simplified conditional compiling in grtrackmap.cpp, it requires now OpenGL 1.3 compatible header files. (Bernhard).
  • Added configure test for GL_ARB_texture_compression (Bernhard).
  • Added configure test for GL_VERSION_1_3 (Bernhard).
  • Disabled mipmapping of "*shadow*" texture files (Bernhard).
  • Backface culling for car shadow (Bernhard).
  • Added texture compression (Bernhard).
  • Added texture downscaling (Bernhard).
  • Fixed an issue in sound/simu config screen (after changing values and hitting cancel the fields did not represent the current settings) (Bernhard).
  • Added OpenGL configuration screen (Bernhard).
  • Fixed inconsistency of texture loaders, "_nmm" is now obsolete, use "_n" (Bernhard).
  • Improved Makefiles of alpine-1, g-track-3 and ole-road-1 (Bernhard).
  • New sound architecture/implementation with a plib and OpenAL backend (Christos).
  • Changes in sound menu for new sound implementation, added volume (Christos).
  • Optimized ole-road-1 (Christos).
  • Updated pit door (Speedychonchon).
  • Fixed Windows version memory management bugs in tgf.cpp (malloc, realloc), this should solve some trackgen/accc problems in Windows (Bernhard).
  • Updated FAQ (Bernhard).
  • Fixed closing of invalid file handle in maintrackgen.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Fixed a bug in the msh files generated by trackgen which caused AC3D to crash (Bernhard).
  • Fixed missing check if model file could be loaded in elevation.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Fixed non working trackgen -H option in Linux (Bernhard).
  • Fixed gamma value in image loader of elevation map loader of trackgen, must currently match with the default in img.cpp (Bernhard).
  • reviewed "(null)" texture problem and found it harmless, no immediate action needed. Its actually a "bug" of the ac files and happened on retexturing/ "untexturing" objects. Perhaps it is not anymore the case with newer versions (Bernhard).
  • Reworked g-track-1 (Bernhard).
  • Fixed lighting (material) properties of some models to fix the "darkening on LOD switch problem". On some models it helps, other models need to be reworked later (the problem there seems to be the model itself -> normals) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed strndup for FreeBSD (Thierry Thomas, Bernhard).
  • Fixed a bug in collision detection which happend when 2 wrecks where overlapping. This caused permanent collisions, which in turn avoided to call dtProceed and therefore avoided the needed update of the data (Bernhard).
  • Fixed: non ending races because of failing virtual crane, was a floating point error accumulation problem in simu.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Barrier has now a field with normal used for barrier collision detection, reworked SimCarCollideXYScene, collide.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Added vector classes, such that all berniw/bt derivates can use the same copy, instead of having a copy in each bot (Bernhard).
  • Collision code refactoring/cleanup, removed doubled code, etc. (Bernhard).
  • Initial wall collision support, good enough for now, but needs improvment and more testing. The damage is currently set very low, such that the robots have some time to adopt (Bernhard).
  • Fixed skid sound at low speeds (Christos, Bernhard).
  • Fixed scroll lists numbering with more than 100 entries (Bernhard).
  • Enabled configure checking for OpenAL (Bernhard).
  • Fixed skidmarks when driving in reverse, bug introduced by me when enabling backface-culling for skids (Christos, Bernhard).
  • Added trackgen option to just calculate the track parameters (Charalampos).
  • Increased a "margin" in trackgens track.cpp, will need further investigation (Charalampos).
  • Finished plib backend (Christos).
  • Fixed Olethros module discovery memory leak (Bernhard).
  • Olethros textures for gt3rs and clkdtm (Christos).
  • Various fixes found with valgrind: potential crash bug in new smoke code, a few leaks in other places (Bernhard).
  • Olethros writes data files to correct location (Christos).
  • Car-pitwall collisions now fine, problem was mix up of local/global oriented vectors (Bernhard).
  • Update sound max. 50 times per second (perhaps this helps with the plib timing problem) (Bernhard).
  • Improved car-car collisions (Bernhard).
  • Aligned widgets in sound config screen (Bernhard).

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