Time to say ''good bye 1.2.3'' and outlook
Thursday, August 25, 2005 (04:06:23)

Posted by berniwadm

I felt like having a look back to 1.2.3, if you are interested hit the Read More link. Bye,



The 1.2.4 packages are in the final test cycle, so I use this opportunity to look back a last time to 1.2.3. From the low number of support requests we received I conclude that 1.2.3 was working very well for most of the users. 1.2.3 got as well quite a lot of reviews, the ratings were between 60% and 100%. Here some samples of reviews English and German.

1.2.3 in Numbers

If you like detailed statistics visit the project statistics page. For the others here some numbers because we live in the time of counting (in my opinion not a very clever idea, but that is another subject). Of course these numbers cannot tell us if the users actually ever played the game or liked it.

  • The source package got roughly 6400 downloads till today on sf.net.
  • The Windows installer got around 54000 downloads from sf.net and I estimate at least 50000 more from various gaming and freeware sites.
  • The Linux installer has been downloaded approximately 1800 times from sf.net. It remains for me a mystery how well it worked, because the lack of feedback, we just got two failures reported.
  • The separated source package has been downloaded roughly 800 times.


1.2.4 will bring loads of new stuff to you, but wait for the announcement for details. The version number is not to understand as "no visible changes", it is more a "no major internal interface changes" statement, just to clarify this. After 1.2.4 the plan is to have another release to polish some more features and artwork and to add new artwork which made it not to 1.2.4, this will likely be called 1.3.0. Then we will be ready to attempt the big step to 2.0, which will follow in the best case in late 2006, in the worst case never. Of course this are not promises, so do not hold your breath;-)

Bye, Bernhard.

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