TORCS Version 1.3.0-test1 Released
Sunday, October 08, 2006 (02:41:31)

Posted by berniwadm

There is a new test release available for download. The source package compiles on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows (vc++ 6.0). There are various files available:

You find the installation instructions for the source package in the README file, a common mistake is to forget "make datainstall".

There is as well an updated FAQ in the doc directory of the package in case you run into trouble. For a detailed changelog hit the Read More link below. Bye, have fun,


Changes since 1.2.4

  • Added Doppler workaround for OpenAL Windows (Christos).
  • Fixed curb height calculation in rttrack.cpp:RtTrackHeightL() (Christos).
  • Fixed very little steering error around the center discovered by Eugen (Eugen, Christos, Bernhard).
  • Fixed reading and writing of Olethros data files on non-Posix platforms (Bernhard).
  • Verified OpenAL volume jump, seems to be gone, perhaps caused by source scheduler (Christos, Bernhard).
  • Track tutorial added to CVS (Christos).
  • Fixed -s option in Windows and usage of multitexturing if extension is not available (Bernhard).
  • Fixed wrong car corners for cars with noncentral center of gravity (Bernhard).
  • Added support for multiple cars per pit. The cars must be of the same team, define it in the racemanager race section (e.g. "First Race" in endrace.xml) with . Values from 1-4 are accepted. Be aware that the robots are not adopted, this is just for TRB use for now (Bernhard).
  • Fixed segfault in new pit code (Mart Kelder, Bernhard).
  • Updated 360-Modena model and textures for player, berniw, inferno and damned (Bernhard).
  • Added fixed cameras to alpine-1 (Christos).
  • Improved field of view ratio handling (Felix K?hling, Christos).
  • Fixed floating F10 camera (Christos).
  • Updated bt with changes from bt_2004 (Bernhard).
  • Totally reworked lotus-gt1 model (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • New textures for the new lotus-gt1 model (Bernhard).
  • Hide warning about too long debug symbols in vc++ debug project (Bernhard).
  • Updated binary files with admin -kb in CVS to solve problems of WinCVS users (Bernhard).
  • Updated windows project files and code such that the projects compile cleanly (except Olethros, disabled for now, need to resolve the "clock" first) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the display of all available resolutions which xrandr advertises (Bernhard).
  • Applied suggested gcc 4.1 compile fix (Mart Kelder, Bernhard).
  • Fixed wrong flags (-kk) in ssggraph (Bernhard).
  • Some corrections in the robot tutorial (Wino, Bernhard).
  • Added track wheel-2 created by Andrew Sumner (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Added track street-1 created by Andrew Sumner (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Replaced track dirt-3 with new track created by Andrew Sumner (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Removed some outdated files (CHANGELOG.html, TODO.html) (Bernhard).
  • Added new track Ruudskogen created by Tor Arne Hustvedt, ported to TORCS by Andrew Sumner (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Fixed minor visual issues of the lotus-gt1 (Bernhard).
  • Reworked viper (Andrew).
  • Once again totally reworked viper (Bernhard).
  • New textures for all vipers (berniw, player, lliaw) (Bernhard).
  • Reduced front clift/increased rear clift of lotus-gt1 by 0.1 to make it more drivable with the keyboard (Bernhard).
  • Replaced the player setups for the viper, lotus and 360-modena by berniw setups with minor adjustments (Bernhard).
  • Fixed aspect ratio of counters, works now fine with any screen resolution (Bernhard).
  • Fixed multiplayer key handling when driver crashed (Mart Kelder, Bernhard).
  • Fixed wrong key-state after pitmenu, excellent report by Mart Kelder, needs more testing (Bernhard).
  • Adjustments on car data files and models (360-modena, viper, lotus) (Bernhard).
  • New car (car1-trb1), prototype/experiment for "unified" cars (unified: usable as direct opponents) (Bernhard).
  • Improved possible packers thickness of category Track-RWD-GrA to 50mm (Bernhard).
  • Totally reworked michigan track (Bernhard).
  • Added -fno-strict-aliasing for now to avoid warnings with newer versions off gcc which enables strict-aliasing by default (Bernhard).
  • Fixed compile warnings in img.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Updated bat files to deploy michigan, ruudskogen and car1-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Updated installer (Bernhard).
  • Fixed ancient and obscure menu crash bug (not executed "Quit" releases handle of main menu "Quit") (Bernhard).
  • Fixed ole-road-1 beginning/end matching (Bernhard).
  • Screenshots go now to local dir (.torcs/screenshots) (Bernhard).
  • Get/write raceengine.xml to users local dir (Bernhard).

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