Some news and looking for Babis
Saturday, January 13, 2007 (04:11:12)

Posted by berniwadm

Here some news related to TORCS:
  • Vicente Marti created documentation about creating tracks. It covers the whole process, starting with the track editor, manually adjusting track properties, improving the model with Blender and finally how to create a video.
  • Wolf-Dieter Beelitz created documentation and a framework which allows you to implement a robot easily in Delphi. It should form a basis for a Windows/Delphi based robot championship. There is as well an announcement in the Delphi forum.
  • Olaf Sassnick created a new car.
  • There are some TORCS related videos on the net (not really new, but still nice):
    • Video created by Eric Espi√© for the "game-over" Conf√©rence on April 9th 2004 in Limoges.
    • Video from Northern Illinois University, students are learning principles of mechanical engineering by playing TORCS.
So much to the news, now the other issue: is down (where the trackeditor was hosted), so I cannot reach Charalampos Alexopoulos aka Babis anymore. Babis, could you contact me to resolve the situation? Thank you all, bye, have fun,


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