TORCS Version 1.3.1 Released
Wednesday, December 17, 2008 (00:52:20)

Posted by berniw

TORCS version 1.3.1 is available for download. The most important changes are reworked cars and tracks (Andrew, Bernhard, Christos, Daniel, Eckhard, Wolf-Dieter), new and better looking opponents (Andrew, Bernhard, Miguel, Wolf-Dieter), and a lot of little improvements and a few new features (Andrew, Bernhard, Brian, Christos, Eckhard, Eric, Jean-Philippe, Mart and some other people). Hit Read More below to review the full set of changes.

I would like to thank all the people which made this release possible, especially Andrew, Brian, Christophe, Christos, Daniel, Eckhard, Eric, Jean-Philippe, Mart, Wolf-Dieter and all contributors of former releases. Thanks as well to the community which helped with patches, testing, artwork and valuable comments. Thank you all very very much.

If you are interested in the list with the available packages or the changelog hit the Read More link below. In case you run into trouble have a look into the FAQ, there is as well a section about how you should report a problem. If you like TORCS and think you can write a better AI meet us here, if you want to know how good or bad you drive find it out here.

I hope you will enjoy this release and I wish you all merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Full Packages


This is a collection of links with content not contained in 1.3.1.

Changes since 1.3.1-test1

  • Compile fixes for gcc 4.3 reported by Mart Kelder (Mart Kelder, Bernhard).
  • Fixed clutch problems and improved ABS for human driver (Andrew Sumner, Bernhard).
  • Set steer speed of car1-trb3 and p406 to 360 (Bernhard).
  • Removed outdated README/INSTALL files (Bernhard).
  • Updated FAQ and installation instructions (Bernhard).
  • Applied wheel-2 texture updates created by Eckhard and Andrew (Eckhard, Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Changed version to 1.3.1 (Bernhard).
  • Fixed #1674545 (Bernhard).
  • Replaced track dirt-1 with upgrade from Eckhard (Eckhard, Bernhard).
  • Corrected mipmapping/transparency behaviour of new dirt-1 track (Bernhard).

Changes since 1.3.0

  • Applied patch for screen resolution change program crash when the path contained spaces (Brian Gavin, Bernhard).
  • Added new car, car2-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Added new car, car3-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • TRB: allow signing in during season, mail tool for admin (Bernhard).
  • Added new car, car5-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Added new car, car4-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Suspension improvement, car does not lift up anymore magically on bumpy surfaces (e.g. in the grass) (Christos, Bernhard).
  • Antirollbars are now functional (Bernhard).
  • Rolling resistance is now correctly working (this fixes as well the "forever stuck in the sand" and the "wheel spinning like mad and car stuck" problems (Bernhard).
  • Fixed XML parsing problem with entities (#1651190, reported by Carsten Milkau) (Bernhard).
  • Code adjustments for VC 2005 (Eric).
  • Added car6-trb1 created by Wolf-Dieter Beelitz and reworked by Bernhard (Wolf-Dieter Beelitz, Bernhard).
  • Car engine sound is now searched in the cars directory first (Eric).
  • Added new car, car7-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted car1-7 performance settings (Bernhard).
  • Improvements for track Ruudskogen by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Improvements for track Street-1 by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Added new track Forza created by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Improvements for track wheel-2 by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Totally reworked track e-track-6 by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Improvements for track dirt-3 by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Improvements for track alpine-1 by Andrew (Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Fuel consumption adjustments on car1-7 (Wolf-Dieter, Andrew, Daniel, Bernhard).
  • Additional cameras on spring track by Wolf-Dieter (Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Reparametrized 360-modena, renamed to car1-trb3 (Bernhard).
  • Removed unmaintained car models (Bernhard).
  • Reparametrized several models (Bernhard).
  • Adopted robots to the new car set (Bernhard).
  • Applied fix for broken race result list from Jean-Philippe Meuret (Jean-Philippe Meuret, Bernhard).
  • Applied human driver patch from Andrew and Christos, added minor corrections (Andrew, Christos, Bernhard).
  • Fixed some gcc 4.2 warnings, not yet all to keep the interface stable (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted various setups for the suspension code changes (Bernhard).
  • Regenerated configure, adopted in files to autoconf changes (Bernhard).
  • Updated vc++ 6.0 project files and bat scripts (Bernhard).
  • Added new track alpine-2 created by Daniel Schellhammer and Andrew (Daniel, Andrew, Bernhard).
  • Reorganized bat scripts according suggestion of Jean-Philippe (Bernhard).
  • Added texture for inferno 9 (Andrew), tita 9 (Miguel Martinez), inferno 3 and 8 (Wolf-Dieter), berniw 7, inferno 7, bt 7, damned 7, olethros 7 (Bernhard), (Andrew, Miguel, Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Created and added lots of textures for trb1 opponents (Bernhard).
  • Updated bat files to deploy textures (Bernhard).
  • Reintroduced Olethros on Windows, adjusted project dependencies and made code compile (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted race modes, take existing cars and tracks (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted preset driver "Player" (Bernhard).
  • Set steer speed to 360 Deg/s on the trb1 cars (Bernhard).
  • Fit background images without distortion, background image aspect ratio is 16:10 (Bernhard).
  • Created new background images (Bernhard).
  • Splash screen scaling without distortion, added smoothing (Bernhard).
  • Added splash screen created by Eckhard M. Jäger (Eckhard, Bernhard).
  • Do not call anymore GfuiIdle for ordinary menus/screens to save power and avoid annoying high frequency noise from graphics hardware (Bernhard).
  • Redone camera placement of alpine-1 (Bernhard).
  • Fixed trackgen not accepting -H option under posix builds (Bernhard).
  • Fixed trackgen not building the elevation 3 map (Bernhard).
  • Equalized author name formatting for tracks (Bernhard).
  • Replaced forza track selection image with a track map (Bernhard).
  • Added new background image and color settings to track alpine-1, created by Eckhard M. Jäger (Eckhard, Bernhard).
  • Fixed wrong texture size constant in openglconfg.cpp (Bernhard).
  • Fixed broken car light rendering, more adjustments will be required (Bernhard).
  • Added new light definitions for trb cars, created by Wolf-Dieter (Wolf-Dieter, Bernhard).
  • Updated installer for Windows (Bernhard).
  • Fixed empty -L option in, suggested by Jean-Philippe Meuret (Jean-Philippe Meuret, Bernhard).
  • Reduced number of packages (make packages) (Bernhard).

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