TRB 2010 season starting soon, 1.3.2-test1 source available on
Sunday, May 02, 2010 (23:42:29)

Posted by berniwadm

The TORCS 1.3.2-test1 source package is available on I will set up the 2010 racing season during the next two weeks. If you discover any trouble with this version please let me know. For TRB relevant changes are:

  • new car8-trb1 (I will allow it for 2010)
  • adjusted some parameters on existing cars
  • slipstreaming effect is reduced

I hope to see you on the track soon. Regarding 1.3.2, the test1 release is mainly to start with the TRB season, there are some little things missing for the final 1.3.2 (see the README in the package for details).

Enjoy, Bernhard

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