TORCS version 1.3.5-test1 "Tuners Paradise" released
Saturday, September 07, 2013 (10:27:00)

Posted by berniwadm

TORCS version 1.3.5-test1 is available for download. The most important changes are the ability to modify/store/load car setups during practice and qualifying sessions (screen reachable when you hit escape, "Car Setup, Restart" or during a pit stop, "Setup"), the ability of robots to change the car setup during a pit stop (have a look at the tCarPitSetup structure), new Robottools API calls for handling setups, improvements to the simulation engine (1.5 way LSD, third element), adjustments to the car categories and physical models, a new 4 speed stock car and category, improvements to the TORCS Racing Board (public download of robots from past championships, review best lap times per track), and as usual, many little improvements and bug fixes. There are a handful of things to do for 1.3.5, but I hope it will not take too long. Hit Read More below to review the full set of changes.

Enjoy, Bernhard.

Car setup screenshot, click to enlarge

Full Packages

Note to tCarPitSetup

The idea is that the robot implements an own class which contains a member/list of this type to keep track of the setup history, this is much more convinient to handle than dealing with the files all the time. It enables as well the "hot update" of the set up during the running simulation without restart. There is currently no robot using it, have a look at the carsetupscreen.cpp for details. This might open up a new kind of competition style on the TORCS Racing Board.

Changes since 1.3.4

  • Updated history (Bernhard).
  • Applied linking patch for systems with liker option "--as-needed" (Ubuntu), patch provided by Jasper van de Ven (Jasper, Bernhard).
  • Updated robotgen script for recent changes, patch provided by Jasper van de Ven (Jasper, Bernhard).
  • TRB: Updated installdb.php to allow longer session keys (Bernhard).
  • TRB: Added best qualifying lap times per event in track view (Bernhard).
  • TRB: Adjusted styling in templates towards themeing (Bernhard).
  • TRB: Added public download of robots when event is done (Bernhard).
  • TRB: Added TORCS versioning for races (Bernhard).
  • TRB: Added installation instructions (Bernhard).
  • Fixed bug #98 (non buttons for non leading human player) reported by Jon Zabala. The problem was floating point comparison with different types (lastKeyUpdate != s->currentTime) (Jon, Bernhard).
  • Added build notes for VS2005 Express, VS2008 Express, VS2010, VS2012 provided by Eric, Wolf-Dieter, Stacey and Steve (Eric, Wolf-Dieter, Stacey, Steve, Bernhard).
  • Fixed accc allocating too small array for texture coordinates in pathologic cases (e.g. just 1 or 2 surfaces per object, or all surfaces specially mapped) (Bernhard).
  • Fixed car center of car1-stock1 (Bernhard).
  • Fixed car center of car8-trb1 (Bernhard).
  • New category and car (4-speed stock car) (Bernhard).
  • Fix in RtDistToPit to ensure that the value gets not bigger than the track length, reported by Daniel Schellhammer (Daniel, Bernhard).
  • Fixed trackgen state consistency for border height, height is now carried over if there is no new definition given (Bernhard).
  • Fixed track barriers not taking into account the texture offset property in trackgen ("texture start on boundary") (Bernhard).
  • Adopted download location of trackeditor in README (Bernhard).
  • Fixed car flying off with extreme suspension settings, see here (Bernhard).
  • Fixed applied force when wheel has lost touch with the ground (Bernhard).
  • Added suspension parameter to set up slow->fast thresholds, "fast bump threshold" and "fast rebound threshold" (Bernhard).
  • Adopted robots to brake full when in "landing zone" for saver pit stops (Bernhard).
  • Modified LSD (limited slip differential) from one way to 1.5 way, modified behaviour for unlocked operation, see car8-trb1 as example (Bernhard).
  • Fixed moment calculation for free differential, the sum of the moments was ok, but it created "virtual energy" (Bernhard).
  • Fixed slip calculation for limited slip differential, from fabs(v1-v2)/fabs(v1+v2) to fabs(v1-v2)/(fabs(v1)+fabs(v2))), this ensures that the function stays between 0..1, important mostly at initial conditions (Bernhard).
  • Fixed viscous coupler not operating in given parameter range (Bernhard).
  • Added more tracks to championship mode (Bernhard).
  • More improvements in wheel.cpp for handling extreme initial conditions, reviewed the suspension velocity scaling (it is fine) (Bernhard).
  • Adjusted drag coefficient of p406 (Bernhard).
  • Changed suspension defaults for fast bump and rebound to the slow values (so if just slow values are given the fast values are the same as the slow ones, so you get an "ordinary" damper, previous default was 0.0) (Bernhard).
  • Implemented 3rd element, use "spring", "suspension course", "slow bump" and "slow rebound" in the axle section to set it up. The suspension course defines when the element kicks in, so "3rd suspension course" * "bellcrank of ordinary suspension" should be significantly smaller than the ride height (otherwise the element is active all the time) (Bernhard).
  • Tiny optimization in anti rollbar code (Bernhard).
  • Added initial support for setting up cars, work in progress (Bernhard).
  • Added RtGetCarPitSetupFilename, RtSaveCarPitSetup, RtSaveCarPitSetup, RtLoadCarSetup and RtInitCarPitSetup to robottools (Bernhard).
  • Adopted builds to carsetupscreen (Bernhard).
  • Bugfix regarding editbox and enable/disable, did not matter so far because it was not used like this (Bernhard).
  • Added button enable/disable logic in pitmenu (e.g. just enable "stop and go" if a penalty is pending") (Bernhard).
  • Finished car setup screen (Bernhard).
  • Use setups in human driver (Bernhard).
  • Mute sound during in game menus and on "pause" (Bernhard).
  • Removed plib sound backend choice in menu (Bernhard).
  • Adopted p406 car and associated category to allow useful value ranges for setups (Bernhard).
  • Adopted car1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8-trb1 car and trb1 category to allow useful value ranges for setups, trb1 cars support now the third element (Bernhard).
  • Adopted car1-ow1 and category to allow useful value ranges for setups, ow1 cars support now the third element (Bernhard).
  • Adopted car1-stock1 and category to allow useful value ranges for setups, changed differential from free to limited slip (Bernhard).
  • Adopted car1-stock2 and category to allow useful value ranges for setups (Bernhard).
  • Added handling of invalid viscous coupler parameters, because user can change those now in the car setup GUI (min > max) (Bernhard).
  • Adopted Offroad-4WD-GrA category for setup screen (Bernhard).
  • Adopted pw-206/306/corolla/evoiv/focus/impreza-wrc car settings, changed front differential from free to limited slip (Bernhard).
  • Adopted Track-4WD-GrB category and 155-DTM car for setup screen (Bernhard).
  • Adopted Track-RWD-GrB category and acura-nsx-sz car for setup screen (Bernhard).
  • Adopted Offroad-RWD-GrA category and bajy-bug/buggy car for setup screen (Bernhard).
  • Adopted Historic category and 2000gt, 5300gt, A110, TZ2, AH3000MkII, Cobra427, Cobra DS, Cornero, T-Top, Gtb4-Daytona, DB4Z, AM DBS, 246GT, Ghibli, Grifo, GT40, 250GTO and 330P4 cars for setup screen (Bernhard).
  • Refitted various Historic cars with real world data (Bernhard).
  • Adopted car1-trb3 car and trb3 category for setup screen (Bernhard).
  • Adopted robots to setup changes (Bernhard).
  • Changed version to 1.3.5-test1 (Bernhard).
  • Updated Windows installer (Bernhard).

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