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TORCS Changes in the project management
I'm happy to announce that Bernhard Wymann AKA berniw is the new TORCS project leader.
He has done a very good job all these years for the project and I'm very confident that TORCS will continue and grow with the efforts of all the contributors.
I'll continue to follow the project evolution, but please stop sending me technical questions about the code or compilation problems, use the mailing lists for that Wink


Posted by torcs Monday, March 07, 2005 (14:51:12)

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Change Log TORCS Version 1.2.3 Released

TORCS 1.2.3 is available for download. The most visible and audible changes are a new and really great sound implementation and samples (Christos), a nice new track (Christos), new and updated opponents (Christos, Bernhard), a cool open wheel car (SpeedyChonChon), nicer smoke and improved skid marks (Christos), lots of small improvments and bugfixes (Eric, Bernhard) and finally some new configuration options (Eric, Bernhard).

A track editor project has been started by Charalampos, it is already usable and there is documentation available.

I would like to thank all the people who participate, especially Eric, Christos, SpeedyChonChon and Charalampos and all the other contributors for their great work which made this release possible. Thanks as well to the community, especially Eugen for the XML style sheet and the very good bug reports. Visit the credits page for more details about the team and contributors. For more details about the release hit the read more link below. Have fun,


Posted by berniwadm Saturday, February 05, 2005 (19:10:08)
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Change Log Unofficial TORCS test release 1.2.3-bw-unofficial-test4
The TORCS test release "1.2.3-bw-unofficial-test4" is available for download. The major changes against test2 are that it compiles now on Windows and the smaller size, have a look at the changelog for details. For the Windows users there is a binary available. Be aware that some included artwork has non free (in the GPL sense) licenses, you will find a "readme.txt" in those directories. The rest is either licenced under the GPL or the Free Art license. For those who have downloaded an earlier test release there is a diff available.

Posted by berniwadm Wednesday, January 19, 2005 (16:55:20)
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TORCS The TORCS Racing Board is online.
Bored? Looking for a challenge? Your robot is cool? Talked enough, prove it! Join the real competition. Action. Thrill. Drama. It's racing time.

Posted by berniwadm Thursday, November 18, 2004 (16:09:55)
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TORCS Some News
I'm happy to see that the TORCS page view statistics on sourceforge has turned 1,000,000
I'd like to thanks all the contributors and all the supporters, they really make the project alive.
You've certainly noted that the site is not updated very often, but the torcs-users mailing list is much more active.

The latest projects news:
  • Bernhard has started to organize a robot championship and proposed a draft for the rules (use the Read More... button to see a copy of the rules)
  • Christos is actively working on 3D simulation, graphics (cars dammage) and sound (very nice). All that is in the CVS tree.

Have Fun !

Posted by torcs Sunday, May 23, 2004 (00:58:51)

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