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TORCS TORCS Endurance World Championship 2012 Roundup

I created a video covering the last championship, if you are interested you can watch it here.

Enjoy, Bernhard.

Posted by berniwadm Friday, January 11, 2013 (23:50:37)

TORCS Championship 2013 is ready to sign in

I wish you all and your families merry Christmas and a happy new year. As a little gift I uploaded 2 new TORCS songs, TORCS2 and TORCS3, I created them for 2 TORCS videos. The menu song of TORCS is as well available.

I set up as well the Championship for the next year, you can find details here. To warm you up/get you going test races are offered.

Another thing: I did recently a 100000 km practice session (took around 3 hours real time to complete) and endurance race in the command line mode (took around 3 days real time), it worked like a charm. Btw. the simulation time is stored as double in TORCS, so I expect the simulation to start to struggle in the range around 1 and 10 million simulated days;-) So you can do pretty extreme things with the current version.

I hope to meet some of you guys in the championship, see you next year.


Posted by berniwadm Saturday, December 22, 2012 (21:36:13)
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TORCS TORCS, vote for project of the month
If you like to support TORCS to get the project of the month vote here.

Update: I removed the link because the vote is closed now, the winner is DOSBox, congratulations. Thank you for your votes, maybe we make it another time.


Posted by berniwadm Wednesday, December 05, 2012 (07:46:06)
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TORCS 40 laps on Corkscrew

I found that there is not much manually driven TORCS footage on the web, so I ran 40 Laps on Corkscrew and captured videos of them.

I used vanilla TORCS 1.3.4-test1 with no custom car setup whatsoever, so I run the same thing you got from the shelf.

Enjoy, Bernhard

Posted by berniwadm Saturday, September 01, 2012 (23:01:04)
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TORCS CERN Discovery

This is not related to TORCS, but today the CERN announced interesting findings. Maybe this is one of the rare moments during our lifetime where the horizon of mankind gets extended, so do not miss the moment (of course this is the result of a very long process, but I mean the moment of announcement).

Follow this link and Google for "higgs boson".

Enjoy, Bernhard.

Posted by berniwadm Wednesday, July 04, 2012 (15:39:33)
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