TORCS Team & Credits


Project Leader Bernhard Wymann
Developer Christos Dimitrakakis Simulation, camera, sound code, samples, tracks, robot.
Developer Charalampos Alexopoulos Trackeditor project, trackgen improvement
Developer Patrice Espié Windows port of version 0.0.21, trackeditor components
Artist Eliam SpeedyChonChon Open Wheel Car, reworked car, track, TDC (Torcs Drivers Championship)
Artist Olaf Sassnick Reworked and new cars
Packager Thierry Thomas FreeBSD package, testing and bugfixes
Tester Eugen Treise XSLT for result formatting, testing
Artist Andrew Sumner New/reworked tracks and cars. MacOSX port
Developer Brian Gavin SDL port
Developer Mart Kelder Bugfixing
Artist Christophe Macours Sound samples
Developer Rémi Coulom K1999 robot
Artist Andrea Alfieri Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM car model
Artist asdas asda (ViPeR) Viper, Xj-220, Acura NSX, Lotus GT1, McLaren F1
Artist Patrick Wisselo Rally cars
Packager Bernhard Kaindl SuSE package (and a lot of help)
Packager Gernot Galli Debian package
Developer Henrik Enqvist In code profiler
Packager Per Ovind Karlsen Mandrake package
Packager Matthias Saou RedHat package
Packager Neil Winton TORCS 1.2.1 Windows package
Artist Butch - K/Cendra 60's cars
Artist Vincent Moyet Race cars
Developer Jens Thiele Billy robot
Developer Paul Bain Astigot robot
Artist Jean-Christophe Durieu McLaren F1, Acura NSX, Lotus GT1, Buggy, 360 Modena skins... Baja bug model, logos and very nice drawings

TORCS creators:

Eric Espié
Christophe Guionneau

Authors of Free code used in TORCS:

plib Steve Baker
expat James Clark
SOLID Gino van den Bergen
GlFont Brad Fish
easymesh Bojan NICENO

Applications used for TORCS:

AC3D 3D Modeler for the cars and tracks
Blender 3D Modeler for the cars and tracks
Gimp Texture creation and manipulation
Stripe Software tool to convert a polygonal model into triangle strips

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