Practice Mode

Practice Mode Explained

The way to fine tune your robot is to use the "Practice" mode.

Note on robot's compilation

In order to compile your robot from the source directory set the environment variable MAKE_DEFAULT to the absolute path of the file.
Example: export MAKE_DEFAULT=/home/torcs/torcs-1.2.1/
If the TORCS sources are located in the /home/torcs/torcs-1.2.1 directory.
All the info on making your own robot can be found in the Berniw's robot tutorial.
This way, you'll be able to compile just your robot between two runs.

Practice mode use

When using the prictice mode, you are allowed to recompile your robots between two runs.
The robot executable and the robots parameters are reloaded between two runs.
And this without exiting of TORCS. (well I recommend to use the windowed mode for that...)

Running in practice mode

Launch TORCS and select Practice race:

Select "Configure" mode:

Select the track:

Select your robot:

And now select the race distance or the number of laps, and the visualization mode:

Or for viewing only the results:

After that launch the race and look at the results:

At the end a summary is displayed:

At this point, you can change the robot code and recompile, and change the robot parameters before running the next run.
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