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I want to drive!

Here is the manual for the players who want to drive in TORCS 1.3.0.

First of all you should install and run TORCS, for that see the installation manual. After that you can drive a car with a joystick or a steering wheel, or the mouse or keyboard. To configure the player, go to the Player's Configuration menu.

To select a player to configure, click in the "Players" zone on a player's name or on "--- empty ---" if you want to create a new player. To delete a player, select it then use the "delete" button.

Here we have selected the player named "Player". In order to change its name, click in the "name" field and edit it. If you do not want to come back later to change the car create multiple players with different cars, this can safe quite some time.

This configuration screen is also used to:

  • select the player's car:
    1. First select the car's category you want:
      • Track-RWD-GrA: Track rear wheel drive cars with more than 500 hp
      • Track-RWD-GrB: Track rear wheel drive cars with less than 500 hp
      • Track-4WD-GrB: Track all wheel drive cars with less than 500 hp
      • Track-FWD-GrB: Track front wheel drive cars with less than 500 hp
      • Historic: 60-70's cars
      • Nascar: Nascar cars
      • Offroad-4WD-GrA: Off-road all wheel drive cars (rally cars)
      • Offroad-RWD-GrA: Off-road rear wheel drive cars
    2. Then select you car within the category.
  • Select the transmission mode (automatic or manual)
  • Program the number of pit stops you want for the race, so the initial fuel amount is adjusted accordingly.
  • Change the player's skill level:
    • Rookie: no dammage (0%)- high traction (+40%)
    • Amateur: small damages (50%) - high traction (+35%)
    • Semi-Pro: normal damages (80%) - medium traction (+30%)
    • Pro: high damages (100%) - low traction (+0%)
  • Select the auto reverse function (engage automatically the reverse gear when the car is stopped and you continue to brake).
  • Configure the controls

The player's control configuration is explained on next screen.

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